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    Netflix and fever
Ever wanted to be the protagonist of a Stranger Things adventure?

Your chance has arrived. Stranger Things: The Experience throws you headfirst into your favorite show —join Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Max, and Will for a very special episode starring… you! Venture inside Hawkins Lab for a 1-hour immersive experience featuring a brand-new Stranger Things storyline, then explore an 80’s-themed Mix-Tape medley with food & drinks, special merchandise, photo ops, and much more.

  •  - Stranger Things: The Experience - New York
    The new Stranger Things immersive experience —now open inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard—is grandiosely epic.
  •  - Stranger Things: The Experience - New York
    Guests are immersed into an original “Stranger Things” storyline developed by the show’s creators. The experience combines the special effects of a 3D Universal Studios ride with a telekinetic escape room.
  •  - Stranger Things: The Experience - New York
    Immerse yourself on your own adventure with Eleven, Michael, Dustin, Lucas, Max and Will for a very special episode starring none other than you.

Interactive Experience

Immerse yourself in Stranger Things and be the hero in an interactive experience where you will unlock your powers to save Hawkins alongside your favorite characters
The Demogorgon at Stranger Things: The Experience


Enjoy an 80’s-style medley of locations and fan-favorite moments with merchandise, food & drinks, photo ops, interactive performers, and more surprises!
The arcade at Stranger Things: The Experience


Enjoy a stunning production with talented actors, immersive sets and impressive special effects.
World Class Production


Bring your friends, bring your family… Every nerd will love this totally tubular adventure!
Inside Stranger Things: The Experience
  • Amber D.

    The most amazing experience for anyone who has watched the Stranger Things series and even someone who hasn't! The interactive experience is amazing and the visual effects are spectacular! Highly recommend.

  • Alan O.

    Amazing attraction, the interactive storyline is amazing! The sets and food options are a nice choice too!

  • Joshua H.

    100% Recommended! I will use my powers to come back! :)

  • Kevin S.

    A real treat and must-see for fans of the series. My son had hardly watched Stranger Things on Netflix and loved this experience too!

  • Amber R.

    So much fun! And the audience participation was great! The actors are amazing, really on point and stayed in character. My daughter and her friend loved interacting with them at the end!

  • Austin S.

    Every fan of Stranger Things fan should do this if you’re in or near NY. Really clever experience.

  • Kim B.

    If you are a fan of Stranger Things this show is a must see. The set and staff are top notch. Loved it!

  • Denise R.

    Perfect for all fans of Stranger Things. Loved the special effects and the shopping experience afterwards. They did an amazing job. :)

  • Steve M.

    Excellent immersive experience whether or not you're a fan of Stranger Things! This is a great time with friends or a loved one. It's like iMax meets an escape room. And after it's over, you can hang out in the 80's with great food, drinks and merchandise. I highly recommend this!

  • Sana S.

    This was out of this world! Best experience for a fan. Stranger Things is my favorite show and this place made it feel like you were actually in an episode. The actors were so amazing, they interacted so well with us. I just want to go back and relive the whole experience.

  • Camille H.

    All of the actors are great and you get to really be involved. We spent a great deal of time post-experience in the Mixtape as well and even found all of the easter eggs to affirm our statuses as #1 fans. Won't share any spoilers but recommend to go if you love the show!

  • Nicole D.

    The Experience was great for any fan of Stranger Things! Definitely a must see! You feel like you’re part of the show

  • Anne F.

    This was so much fun. You get a chance to "participate" and "interact" with the characters, villains and monsters. The staff is fun, too, and when you go to the "mall" there are actors there dressed in 80s clothes who will interact with you.



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