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    Netflix and fever
Ever wanted to be the protagonist of a Stranger Things adventure?

Your chance has arrived. Stranger Things: The Experience throws you headfirst into your favorite show —join Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Max, and Will for a very special episode starring… you! Venture inside Hawkins Lab for a 1-hour immersive experience featuring a brand-new Stranger Things storyline, then explore an 80’s-themed Mix-Tape medley with food & drinks, special merchandise, photo ops, and much more.

  •  - Stranger Things: The Experience - San Francisco
    The new Stranger Things immersive experience is grandiosely epic.
  •  - Stranger Things: The Experience - San Francisco
    "Guests are immersed into an original “Stranger Things” storyline developed by the show’s creators. The experience combines the special effects of a 3D Universal Studios ride with a telekinetic escape room."
  •  - Stranger Things: The Experience - San Francisco
    "Immerse yourself on your own adventure with Eleven, Michael, Dustin, Lucas, Max and Will for a very special episode starring none other than you."

Interactive Experience

Immerse yourself in Stranger Things and be the hero in an interactive experience where you will unlock your powers to save Hawkins alongside your favorite characters!
The Demogorgon at Stranger Things: The Experience


Enjoy an 80’s-style medley of locations and fan-favorite moments with merchandise, food & drinks, photo ops, interactive performers, and more surprises!
The arcade at Stranger Things: The Experience


Enjoy a stunning production with talented actors, immersive sets and impressive special effects.
World Class Production


Bring your friends, bring your family… Every nerd will love this totally tubular adventure!
Inside Stranger Things: The Experience
  • James B.

    One of the best events I have attended. Very high production values with a spectacular ending.

  • Mernie Y.

    We had a great experience. The kids loved it and the actors were wonderful.

  • S. K.

    Well done, enjoyable, fun, exciting and kudos to the set design, experiences and the staff. The quality of the experience and enthusiasm of the staff made a major difference.

  • L. GZ.

    SUPER FUN!!! Best interactive live experience. Loved it! Would go again!

  • Catherine C.

    Disneyland for Stranger Things fans. Highly recommend the VIP package. It's 1000% worth it. Actors were amazing and never got out of character!

  • Gabrielle B.

    It was INCREDIBLE!!!! The entire experience from start to finish was completely authentic and made me feel like I was truly in Hawkins.

  • Mia P.

    Everything was amazingly in character and the food was great too. All the workers were so kind and helpful. The experience itself was so fun and unique. It was just phenomenal.

  • Jennifer C.

    I’d actually score even higher if I could. Hands down AH-MAZE-ING!!! As a person with event production experience, I thought I saw it all…until yesterday’s experience.

  • Heather F.

    So freaking fun - my friends and I had an absolute blast. Let yourself be immersed in the storyline and you'll have a great time. Highly recommend to anyone looking for something fun & different to do!

  • Erin V.

    The actors were so believable. The sets were fantastic!!! What an enjoyable experience!

  • Paul C.

    I was extremely skeptical if I was going to be impressed and only my kids would find it worth the admission, but I was pretty blown away with the whole experience! 2 thumbs up!

  • Valérie G.

    The experience is well organized, the staff was talented and the attention to detail was really impressive! I love how interactive it was and spending time in the « mall » afterwards was really fun!


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